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Professional Quality Blast and Paint Solutions to Meet Your Business Needs

At Sentinel Blast and Paint, we’re committed to helping our clients achieve their desired outcomes. This is why we employ a team of experienced and detail-orientated workers who have the necessary skills to deliver the required results. We also utilise an extensive range of equipment, allowing us to achieve a professional finish that is fully compliant with ISO Accredited specifications.

Located in Emerald, our facilities have been designed with the latest painting and blast technology in mind, while also considering the needs of our clients. The facility itself includes designated booths for blasting and painting, ensuring full-weather protection and a faster turnaround time.

Sentinel Blast and Paint can assist with all manner of industrial blasting and painting services, including:
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Mining equipment
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Construction equipment
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Agricultural equipment
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Earthmoving equipment
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Transport equipment
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Sandblasting and Painting

Sentinel Blast and Paint Services

Sentinel offers a quality blast and paint and a selection of specialised abrasive blast and paint services suitable for a range of plant and heavy equipment in the mining, construction, agricultural, and transport industries.

Abrasive Blasting And Painting
Before a superior finish can be achieved, industrial equipment needs to be free of surface contaminants. These could include a build-up of dirt, accumulated grease, flaking paint or corroded surface finishes. Our blasting booth can accommodate heavy machinery, enabling us to perform various abrasive blasting techniques in a protected environment. To ensure the highest quality finish, we offer a range of different abrasive blasting techniques to suit a variety of situations and materials.
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Onsite Services

We understand it’s not always possible or practical for business owners to transport their equipment off-site. This is why we offer onsite services throughout Central Queensland. Additionally, we can arrange for machinery to be retrieved directly from your worksite thanks to our Australia-wide transport options. This allows us to collect plant or machinery, transport it to our blast and paint facility in Emerald and then return it to your site once works are complete. Our in-house transport division ensures there are no third-party delays, meaning you can expect a faster turnaround time.

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Industrial Paint
Once a surface has been thoroughly prepared, we can apply a protective finish that is suitable for the equipment and its working environment. At Sentinel Paint and Blast, we appreciate that requirements for finishes will differ based on the proposed use of the machinery and the conditions it is exposed to. This is why we offer a range of industrial paint applications, including spray paint, abrasive paint, protective coatings, vehicle finishes, and even powder coating. Specialising in mining, construction, agricultural, and transport plant and equipment, we can deliver a quality blast and paint with a high-quality protective finish that is ideally suited to the needs of your business.
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Corrosion Consulting
Corrosion, left untreated, can cause significant damage to equipment that is both essential and expensive to replace. Identifying, rectifying and preventing further corrosion is a cost-effective way to minimise damage and ensure machinery remains operational for as long as possible. This is why Sentinel Blast and Paint also offers consulting services to help our customers deal with corrosion issues. In compliance with Australian Standards, we can help you address the causes of corrosion, repair existing damage and then apply a protective coating that will help to shield the equipment from further corrosive attacks.


We Strive to Develop Strong, Long-Term
Relationships with all of our valued customers

At Sentinel, we feel that together, we can raise industry standards to optimise equipment performance and reduce overhaul and maintenance costs.
We believe that this can be accomplished whilst consistently maintaining the highest levels of safety and quality control.

We would like to thank you for your time and look forward to discussing your project needs in more details.